The biggest, wildest, sweateriest bash of the season


DECEMBER 23rd, 2017

16th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Doors open at 8:00pm


The Ugly Christmas Sweater movement in Vancouver raises money in support of the Make A Wish Foundation of Canada who grant wishes for children with a life threatening illness. With each dollar raised, you support giving hope and happy memories to children, their families and their communities.


Get Ugly

Feel the Music

Celebrate with Friends

Grant Wishes


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  • 1.Will there be tickets at the door?

    The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party sells out every year. We highly, HIGHLY recommend buying your tickets early to ensure that you are part of the sweatery fun.

  • 2.What time does the party start?

    Doors open at the Commodore 8:00pm. Let’s meet under the mistletoe at 8:01pm.

  • 3.Where can I purchase tickets?

    Tickets for the Vancouver Party can be purchased from the Make a Wish Foundation Event Page.

  • 4.Will there be food available?

    Besides free cookies and candy canes, the Commodore Ballroom offers a variety of reasonably priced food for purchase. You can also find a range of night-on-the-town food on Granville Street prior to or after the party, including: hot dogs, pizza, gyros, and more pizza.

  • 5.What can I expect?

    Thanks for asking.  Remember the best Christmas you have ever had as a child?  The one where you breathlessly walked down the stairs in the early morning hours, and after glancing out the window at the Christmas lights glowing through a layer of freshly fallen snow you noticed a special package under the tree with your name on it?  And you realized that Santa had brought you the only thing you ever wanted for Christmas?? Well, this party will be just like that day, except you will be an adult, and there will be beer.  Oh and also live music, DJ, group dances and sing-alongs, mistletoe, gifts, contests, carollers, eggnog chugging competition, and maybe even a tickle fight! It will be a super time, and we would love to have you.

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  • 1.Is there a mandatory dress code?

    Yes, there is a mandatory dress code. Wear the cheesiest, ugliest, most festive clothing possible. Thinking of wearing something tasteful? Straight to Santa’s naughty list for you.

  • 2.Got it. Do I have to wear a sweater though?

    Sweaters are not mandatory. Festive dress code is. ‘Festive’ encompasses a wide range of possibilities in our book. Think ski- suit, pajamas, red and green leotards, body paint, candy cane costumes, snowballs, Buddy the elf, an advent calendar……bottom line: be creative!  We have even been known to give out prizes to the “ugliest” dressers, so look your worst, and you may be this year’s winner!

  • 3.Where can I find an Ugly Christmas Sweater?

    Stop by your nearest Sally Ann or Value Village, raid Grandma’s wardrobe or simply search “ugly Christmas sweater” and get your online shop on. Extra points for elves, wreathes and Christmas tree lights. Got some time on your hands? DIY it with an old sweater. Add glitter fabric pen details, sew on jingly bells, add ribbon, the ideas and aisles of Michaels are endless.

  • 4.The tickets cost $35; where does the money go?

    The party is organized and operated by volunteers. After event expenditures, the proceeds are donated to Make A Wish Foundation.

  • 5.What kind of crowd can I expect?

    We encourage anyone who loves the spirit of Christmas and who enjoys celebrating the season to join us at the party, whether you are 19 or 99!   It is always a great crowd who is there to have fun and spread holiday cheer.  Only humbugs are asked to stay away.


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